There are many tools available to provide you the billing and financial reporting capabilities of the most well-equipped accounting firms right from your home computer. With all these resources, many accountants are taking charge of their careers and working from home.

Several reputable companies are offering work-from-home accounting jobs. Once equipped with the right software and education, an accountant can make a bundle from the comfort of their own home. To do this, you can start by contacting such companies to see whether they have positions available at your experience level.

Here is a short guide to the companies looking to hire accountants who work from home.


BIDaWIZ has established itself as a tax and accounting professional since 2008. Their current model is an online platform where you can request quotes for free from their army of accountants. In addition, using their platform, you can ask questions, use their resources, and then hire an accountant for their advice and services.

Everyone they hire is an accredited tax attorney, public accountant, or enrolled agent. Therefore, you should expect a tough screening process to become one of their trusted professionals. However, once you are authenticated and approved by BIDaWIZ, you have thousands of potential clients to serve as an accountant right from your home.

Book Minders

Book Minders offers many choices for the at-home accounting professional, from part-time positions all the way up to full-time work with benefits. They require at least two years of bookkeeping experience and give preference to those with an AA degree.

Sales and accountants with experience and looking to become part of a community of online part-time workers should consider Book Minders for great opportunities.


In contrast to companies designed as full-time accounting firms, Upwork doesn’t offer steady work. Instead, this is a site where you can hire freelancers for remote work projects.

As a freelance accountant, you simply need to create a profile that lists your experience and qualifications. Then, you can get started sending proposals to potential clients and accepting work. As a freelancer, you can take as much or as little work as you want. Therefore, this platform is a perfect fit for people with erratic or busy schedules.

Just keep in mind that Upwork charges you a service fee for bringing you and your employer together. As a freelancer, you will also be responsible for doing your own taxes.

Assurance Financial Management

If you’re a bookkeeper looking to telecommute, Assurance Financial Management offers diverse accounting work that you can do from home.

Provided you’ve earned your CPA, the company could send you tasks ranging from payroll processing to general ledgers to complete remotely by commission.

The Takeaway

Accounting work is lucrative if you have the right qualifications. Many companies including those listed here are always looking for new talent to increase the professional roster of their on-call accountants and bookkeepers.

If you want to capitalize on your education and skills, look no further than these jobs. By using available software tools and sending out your resume, you could nail some great accounting work in the comfort of your home.