Software is of the predominant fields where the IT people are finding wealthy job placements. We are in the high-end computer age and software is one thing that will probably rule the world for the foreseen future. This is the reason as to why software developers have great moneymaking opportunities across the globe. So here we are going to list some of the interesting things that you have to know about software architecture. But before we get into it, it is important that you understand what software architecture is. Yes or No, for the benefit of the reader, let’s take it from scratch.

Things one should know about Software Architecture

What is software architecture?

Software, as we know, is the interface in a machine that connects the hardware and the human. Any electronic device that operates based on the real-time command that they receive from the human beings is a machine that requires software to operate it. Architecture is the art of building something. So bringing the two terms together we get to understand that the art of designing a software package based on specified requirements is called software architecture. The success of the software depends on the skills of the programmer.

So here are some of the things that all of have to know about software programming:

Dump the concept of unified coding:

There is something called UML in the software world. UML stands for Unified Modelling Language. The architects are first expected to visualise the process and then get into actual work. However, this method is quite traditional, and it is not possible for every single architect to imagine things in the same way. UML will kill creativity, and that is why we are dumping it. The common vision is more important than common imaging system.

Keeping it modifiable:

There is something called the open-source software. To understand the term easily, we call it as custom software. The programmers design the software based on the requirements of the clients, and that is why we call it custom software. Instead of designing a common software for the general market these software architects customise software packages according to the needs of the clients. The benefit of the custom software is that they can be modified later.

No solution is permanent:

We very clearly saw that software packages are designed according to the needs of a client. However, the client is expected to modify the software as required to meet his changing needs. This is what we mean by the ‘every solution is obsolete’ theory. There is nothing permanent in the IT world, and it is quite unlikely for a solution to stay for a longer period. The software world is quite dynamic.

Flexibility and complexity go together:

Unlike what we think it means when it comes to the software world what we consider flexible is what is usually complex. The more flexible I am keeping a software package, the more complex it becomes. Since it is flexible, it becomes hard to comprehend. A simple software is the one that is rigid and doesn’t change.